TOP SELLERS FOR 2/19/2020   
Regular Sale
333 Head

       Sold by: Payton Golden of Tazewell
Bought By: Seals Livestock for 177.00 cwt

COW         Sold By: Kenny Owens of Rutledge
Bought by:   JBS USA for 83.00 cwt.

BULL         Sold By: Ron Vannoy of Harrogate
Bought by:   FPL Foods for 96.50 cwt.

HEAD COW     Sold By: Todd Wilhoit of Mosheim
Range:   $575-$850

COW/CALF PAIR  Sold by: Bill Keck of Tazewell
Range:  $900-$1,000

Hogs/Pigs:  $2.50
Baby Beef $70-$140
Head Bulls:  $985