TOP SELLERS FOR 02/22/17       Regular Sale 611 Head

CALF         Sold By: Jack Watson of Rutledge
Bought By: Bobby Gibbons for 164.00 cwt.

COW          Sold by: Randy Quarles of Jefferson City
Bought by: JBS USA  for 78.00 cwt

BULL          Sold by: McKinley Mills of Blaine
Bought by:   JBS USA  for 99.00 cwt

HEAD COW     Sold by:  Estate of Tina Tharp of Luttrell
Range:               $500 to $1300

COW/CALF PAIR     Sold by:  Zalen Williams of Rutledge
Range:                         $675.00 to $1500

Head Bulls:              $500 to $1200
Baby Beef:               $90 to $370