TOP SELLERS FOR 11/19/2014  Regular Sale  354 Head

CALF         Sold by Lilley Pratt, Maynardville
Bought by:  J. Anderson Farms for 330.00 cwt.

COW          Sold by  Kern Ailor, Knoxville
Bought by:  Randolph Packing for 120.50 cwt.

BULL          Sold by  Burnett Farms, Dandridge
Bought by:   Williams Cattle Co. for 133.50 cwt.

HEAD COW     Sold by: George Hodgson, New Market
Range:       $725 to $1810

COW/CALF PAIR     Sold by:  Barry Beeler, Washburn
Range:        $2025 to $2600

Head Bulls:  $1535
Goats:  $50-$60