TOP SELLERS FOR 10/26/16       Regular Sale 629 Head

CALF         Sold by: Howard Morgan of Rutledge
Bought by:  Seals Livestock for 150.00 cwt

COW          Sold by: Walter Rule of Knoxville
Bought by:  JBS USA  for 66.00

BULL          Sold by: Richard Webb of Talbott
Bought by:   JBS USA  for 87.00 cwt

HEAD COW     Sold by:  Terry Gilliam of Dandridge
Range:               $375 to $1,035.00

COW/CALF PAIR     Sold by:  Helen Harrell of Jefferson City
Range:                         $1125 to $1300

Head Bulls:         $875
Baby Beef:          $150 to $255
Goats:                   $100