TOP SELLERS FOR 07/27/16       Regular Sale 515 Head

CALF         Sold by: Alvin Norris of Maynardville
Bought by:  Seals Livestock, for 159.00 cwt

COW          Sold by: Carin Branson of Knoxville
Bought by:  FPL Foods for 80.50 cwt

BULL          Sold by: Jeff Davis of Washburn
Bought by:   JBS, USA for 102.00 cwt

HEAD COW     Sold by: Joe Stansberry of Rutledge
Range:               $485 to $1185

COW/CALF PAIR     Sold by:  Ron Vannoy of Harrogate
Range:         $1085 to $1350

Baby Beef:       $130 to $375
Pigs:                  $25 to $60
Head Bulls:      $1,175