TOP SELLERS FOR 01/11/17       Regular Sale 474 Head

CALF         Sold By:  Bobby Gibbons of Huntsville
Bought By: J. Anderson Farms for 145.00 cwt.

COW          Sold by: Jewel Frazier, New Market
Bought by: Randolph Packing for 69.50 cwt.

BULL          Sold by: Morris Zachary, Corryton
Bought by:   JBS, USA for 105.00 cwt.

HEAD COW     Sold by:  Barry Beeler, Washburn
Range:               $310 to $1325

COW/CALF PAIR     Sold by:  TN Valley Farms, Mascot
Range:                         $575 to $1235

Head Bulls:         $725-$785
Baby Beef:            $
Goat:                      $140