TOP SELLERS FOR 09/28/16       Regular Sale 710 Head

CALF         Sold by: J. Anderson Farms of Science Hill
Bought by:  Seals Livestock for 2.00 cwt

COW          Sold by: Sam Lee of New Market
Bought by:  Phillips Livestock for 68.50

BULL          Sold by: Anchor Bull Co. of Honaker VA
Bought by:   JBS USA  for 89.00 cwt

HEAD COW     Sold by:  Stanley Roach of Rutledge
Range:               $150 to $1060

COW/CALF PAIR     Sold by:  Jason Brantley of Sharps Chapel
Range:           $550 to $1250

Goats:                   $65 to $75
Head Bulls:         $750 to $1510
Baby Beef:          $190 to $240